Make the most of your digital opportunity

Do you face one or more of these challenges in your organisation?

 How to meet customer’s changing expectations and retain their loyalty

Define, prioritise and integrate digital initiatives into your business strategy

Stay up to date with the latest digital developments and risks

Achieve business efficiencies by streamlining operations and processes

Drive innovation and leverage new digital business models

Foster and embrace organisational and cultural change

I’ve had over 20 years’ digital and technology experience leading marketplace start-ups, through to driving digital transformation in multi-nationals, including Westpac, News Limited and Southcorp. I specialise in digital consulting, focusing on strategy development and operational execution.

I’m passionate about working with organisations and Boards to challenge their status quo, identify new opportunities and implement a plan to drive innovation, growth and better customer outcomes. I can help you build your digital capabilities, develop new products & services and ensure you leverage the right tools, technology and partners.

So, if you’re looking to drive change and make the most of your digital opportunity, please get in touch.

Did you know?

49% of Australian executives expect to undergo vast digital transformation in the next two years

Only 11% of Australian executives assessed their digital strategy as excellent

46% of Australian executives see customer engagement, acquisition and retention as a major organisational goal

25% of Australian businesses identify ‘to become more customer focused’ as their top strategic priority

In Australia, poor customer experiences are estimated to cost business a staggering $122 billion a year (Accenture)

Every dollar invested in a customer’s experience generated three dollars in return and increased their lifetime value by 22%